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Volunteer Workforce

scan0021SPLASH volunteer Captains & Crews patrol the South Shore, L.I. waters removing debris, monitoring and identifying pollutants as well as their sources. By 2010, SPLASH removed more than 1 million tons of debris from the bays.

In addition, more than 4,000 hours a year are donated for advocacy and research, organizational management and educational presentations.




Volunteer positions are available as follows:

  • Office Assistants
  • Boat Crew members
  • Boat Captains
  • Boat Maintenance and Repair
  • Building and Grounds Maintenance and Repair
  • Festival Booth Volunteers
  • SPLASH Education Team Mentors: (description follows)

2015-06-16 13.08.45Volunteer opportunities within the SPLASH Education Team include mentoring elementary, junior high and high school classes as well as small groups. As a mentor, you participate in group presentations, provide positive support and a constructive example. SPLASH mentors become good listeners, care about and develop skills in pro-active community development, and assist people to bring out strengths that already exist but may not be practiced.

SPLASH Education Team Mentors are welcomed partners of schools, service organizations, clubs, etc. Your involvement with these groups enriches the community and promotes lifelong learning for you, youth and their families. In addition to the ideas and experience you bring to the role, help is available to you at SPLASH to assist you every step of the way.
SPLASH Mentors support the learning environment at SPLASH events and in group settings to improve participants’ confidence, engagement in their local community and to encourage a connection to Operation SPLASH as a community resource. SPLASH mentors do not necessarily need to be subject experts. SPLASH mentors have an interest in helping participants discover their own success.


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