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Community Involvement

SPLASH works diligently to partner with industry businesses, non-profits, government agencies and academic institution;s striving to promote comprehensive understanding of local water quality issues through hands-on training, identification and problem solving.


SPLASH enjoys a successful collaboration with Stony Brook University and USGS (United States Geological Service) on three research projects studying the surrounding ecosystem and bay bottom of The East and Western Bays. In an effort to provide the best possible science for the decision and policy makers in 2009, the team received funding for credentialed scientists from SOMASS (Stonybrook) and USGS to conduct research. SPLASH’s efforts are guided by the findings.  From 2007 to 2011, Operation SPLASH has worked with NCSWCD (Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District) undertaking research used in data bases for SSELF (South Shore Estuary Learning Facilitator) projects. Results from this research will also provide information to understand this valuable and sensitive ecosystem and set new limits on the amounts of pollutants than can be tolerated.

SPLASH continues to monitor the water quality and provide citizen education and training.