Operation SPLASH Boat Rules:

1. The SPLASH boat will be operated by a qualified experienced boat handler who possesses a Coast Guard or Power Squadron Safe Boating Certificate and has been approved by the Chairman of the Boating Committee.

2. All persons must wear life jackets when on the SPLASH boat.

3. Appropriate footwear will be worn at all times.

4. The Captain may reject anyone acting in an unsafe or inappropriate manner at any time.

5. The SPLASH boat is to be used for the purpose of cleaning the waterways and removing debris from our immediate area.

6. Vessels in Distress: Use rules of good seamanship. Do not tow a vessel unless in imminent danger. Advise Coast Guard -- CH 16 or Sea Tow 623-4183.

7. The radio will be for emergency use only.

8. Other vessels and property of owners are to be treated with courtesy and respect to reflect the purpose which SPLASH serves.

9. Minors must be at least 12 years old, or 10 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian, with Captain's approval.

10. There must be a minimum of three persons, including the Captain, on the boat (buddy system). A maximum crew of five will be used. Passengers will be left to the discretion of the Captain.

11. Operating the boat from a weather standpoint will be the responsibility of the Captain and the safety of all concerned shall be the foremost consideration.

12. The boat operator (Capt.) shall not leave the controls of the boat while the engine is running unless the boat is secured.